Creating Effective Sales Videos to Deliver Key Information

Creating Effective Sales Videos To Deliver Key Information

Client: adidas
Date: 22.07.2020
Location: Southampton

The sales videos have proved to be a very effective selling tool, not only whilst travel restrictions were in place, but also in normal trading conditions too. They allow customers to re-watch the range explanation multiple times, to refresh themselves on the range whenever they need it, and to teach other staff members too. The videos also enable us to bring some of the more technical parts of the range to life, with animations and technical imagery alongside voiceovers. They have been very well received by the trade, and are something which we will continue to use moving forwards.

Beth Cammegh, Senior Category Manager - Hockey

With travel restrictions implemented across the country due to the pandemic, Specialist Sports was challenged to sell in new product ranges without travelling to showcase the range to customers.

To help tackle this issue, the Marketing Team has designed a new and efficient way of delivering the information to customers.

With in-house filming and editing capabilities, the team was able to create sell-in videos with the Category Managers. Category Managers were filmed explaining the new range and key information including pricing was highlighted with text overlay in the editing process. Technical elements of products were also highlighted in the edit and visually explained to support customer understanding.

Multiple videos were created for larger ranges, to reduce the length of the videos and make the information more digestible.

As a result, retailers were able to watch the videos at their own convenience and re-watch them as necessary before discussing the range and any technical elements with the Category Managers.