Using Animation to Launch The Total: adidas’ New Deadlifting Shoe

Using Animation to Launch The Total: adidas' New Weightlifting Shoe

Client: adidas Weightlifting
Date: 01.06.2022
Location: London

adidas’ new weightlifting shoe, the Total, launched on 01 June 2022. The shoe is designed with a zero-degree drop and thin sole to put the deadlifter as close to the ground as possible, whilst providing protection and stability.

As adidas’ first shoe with a zero-degree drop, we were challenged to create an engaging campaign showcasing the key features of the footwear.

To help us achieve this, we worked with digital agency Fluoro to create animations, 2D content, and web banners to be launched online and across social media.

The designs highlight the key features of the shoe, including the use of angles to showcase the zero-degree drop and flatness of the shoe. Fluoro integrated patterns taken from the shoe detailing into the backgrounds of all designs. By repeating elements of the detailing, an engaging pattern is created to grab the viewer’s attention.