adidas Field Hockey 2020 Social Product Launch

We helped bring the adidas field hockey product range to life

Client: adidas Field Hockey
Date: 07.03.2019
Location: Amsterdam

We introduced a new social design direction by capturing rich, engaging content for the @adidasfieldhockey channel. Working alongside London-based creative agency Fluoro, and our sports photographer, we captured in-action shots with top hockey athletes including Alan Forsyth and Olympic gold medallist Giselle Ansley.

Across the three-day shoot, we worked with adidas sponsored athletes based across Europe, and captured both video and still shots to produce a total of 120 pieces of content.

Additionally, we used still photography to work with an illustrator to produce ‘Craft’ imagery to display our top products in a creative and abstract way, to further help engage our audience.

All content was produced to increase organic reach and engagement across the channel. By creating rich content, and working with a high number of sponsored athletes, we are continuing to see an increase in reach.