The Brand Breaking the Mould: Stretton Fox

Stretton Fox is the protective equipment brand of choice in the world of cricket for professionals and players alike. Born in the summer of 2011, it has since made its’ mark by providing fully mouldable protection to players globally.

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The Birth of the Brand

Stretton Fox began after founder George witnessed a friend’s son getting hurt at county training. The poor protective guards he was wearing weren’t enough to prevent the impact of the ball, which caused him unnecessary distress.

Not long after, Stretton Fox was born with a mission to provide players with top-tier protection through the combination of luxury and enhanced protective technology. The guards were made available to county-level players and the brand quickly grew in popularity.

Traditional Guards vs Modify Guards

In 2020, the ‘Modify’ range was launched into the UK market, providing players with guards which are fully mouldable to the individual. The guards are thin, lightweight, and designed to wrap perfectly around the player for a rock-solid fit. The detached velcro straps, which come with the guards, allow players to wear the pads how they see fit.

Compared with traditional guards, they offer players a lot more flexibility and the ability to adjust according to their needs. At only 12mm thick, they are at least half the thickness of traditional pads. You may think this results in less protection, but it is quite the opposite. The pads are built with a thin armour plating that cushions the impact of the ball by spreading the impact energy across the pad.

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Introducing Luxury Luggage

At the beginning of 2022, Stretton Fox launched their luxury luggage range into the market. The luggage range includes three bags; The Langdon, The Farndon, and The Bowden. Each bag is designed to support players heading to training, games, or weekends away by providing them with a quality bag to carry all cricket equipment.

Each bag is made with a premium canvas upper, highly durable leather handles, and embossed leather logos for a luxury design and feel.

Stretton Fox and Specialist Sports

We began working with Stretton Fox in 2019 to support with the distribution, sales, and marketing of the brand.

We work closely with Stretton Fox to increase the awareness and engagement of the brand by managing their website, social media, and online presence. Our in-house design team captures content for the brand as well as product imagery to support the sales team. Our sales team works closely with accounts across the globe and acts as the key point of contact for all stockists.

For more information about Stretton Fox, please visit StrettonFox.com.

Frankie Carr-Pacquay
Frankie Carr-Pacquay